CNC Bending Service

Pines 3T & 5T BENDERS:

We are very excited to offer CNC Bending services with our 3T & 5T benders that are capable of bending 1/16" OD and up to 5" OD in various radiuses per customer requirements. Recently we have acquired a larger mandrel bender expanding our capabilities and ability to expand our bending services.

Bending Specs for Industry

  • DS2268
  • MA32.3
  • MS33611
  • PS14010
  • SC-X-17741C
  • LAC941
  • BAC5300

Tube bending at Dieform, LLC can range from a 90 degree elbow to parts with compound bends with several planes, our mandrel tube bending machinery is equipped with rotary index and multi-stack capabilities. With the ability to handle all of our clients' production demands, from low to high volume and small to long run.

The process of mandrel bending provides a high quality tube because the amount of flow is improved, making the inside diameter of the tube consistent throughout, even at the bend; something that is not possible to do without using a mandrel. Mandrel bending is commonly used in exhaust applications in the automotive industry, pipe applications in the plumbing industry and aerospace industry because the process improves the look of the bend and also creates a much tighter bend than is possible with empty bending. When the mandrel is inserted into the tube, it has to be strong enough to support the tube so that it will not be deformed during bending, but also flexible enough to ensure that the tube is still properly bent.

We can provide customer bending for our commercial customers for many purposes including lighting parts and components, tie rods for the off-roaders or auto enthusiast of replacement parts, decorative scrolling of tubes for fencing / gates, chandeliers, lamps and decorative light fixtures.


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