Hot Rotary Tube Swaging:

Premachined parts or tubing of alloy steels or stainless steel alloy are heated to the required forging temperature via a furnace or a Tocco induction-heating unit. Then when parts come up to the required temperature per specification of the particular material, they are then swaged down to the required diameter.

We provide our customers with a drawing that is designed around our existing tooling when available therefore eliminating tooling cost to our customers or we can design tooling to fit our customers needs.

With some materials require the inside diameter to have a protection coating called out for nickel, copper or Turco Coating and removed after the swaging process, we can provide the Turco Product when necessary.

Swaging is used for reducing the outside diameter in the swaged area allowing the material to gather and gain wall growth for a work hardened end that can now either be machined or tapped to accept a rod end bearing or end fitting.

Aerospace Industry:

  • Push/Pull Control Rods
  • Elevator Controls Rods
  • Strut Assemblies
  • Helicopter Drag Struts
  • Torque Tubes
  • Bolts
  • Landing Gear Pistons
  • Engine Mounts

Swaging Specs:

  • BAC 5000
  • BAC 5300
  • DPS4.505
  • DPS 3.808
  • C-1245
  • LA0102-040
  • SHP15-36
  • SHP18-9
  • MDP15-36
  • MMC 204
  • MM 5754
  • STP 51-302


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