Quality Management System

Dieform's Customer Commitment:

Dieform's quality system is based on ISO 9001:2008 requirements and we have been surveyed by many of our aerospace customers to be compliant, Dieform has a policy of continuos development and improvement, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards to ensure its customers receive optimum service and attention at all times. An essential requirement of Dieform's maintenance and development of quality objectives is the installation of a quality system registered to ISO 9000 standards.

The management at Dieform has adopted the procedures set in our quality procedures to ensure the proper control of all activities, which influence customer satisfaction and to provide a quality organization designed to enable Dieform to carry out and further develop its overall quality policy, practices and objectives.

Employess are aware of their contribution to Dieform and are encouraged to contribute to the ongoing development of their skills, their knowledge and their commitment to make Dieform an ongoing provider of high quality service to their customers and their future.

It is Dieform's belier and intention that in operating to these standards it will be more able to consistently meet the requirements of its customers and industry and that it will continue to enhance its reputation by exceeding the expectations of its customers at all times.

Dieform's 'Hot Swaging' process is very specialized. The customer is provided with a pre-swage drawing to ensure that all inside dimensions will come out when parts are machined. One more way to help Dieform's customers is our commitment to 'Hot Swage' every Wednesday so that the parts are ready for shipping or pickup the following day.

Dieform has been the leader in Rotary Tube Swaging and Fabrication of tubular products since 1967 and have built an extensive catalog of Swaging dies & tooling. We produce out own tooling in-house at cost which saves our customers time and expense. We have more than 20 Swaging Machines that range from .020"OD to as large as 5.25"OD and as long as 24".


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