Swaging is the process of reducing the outside diameter of a particular part, allowing the material to gather and gain wall growth for a work-hardened end. The finished piece can be machined, or tapped to accept a rod end bearing or end fitting. At Dieform, we deliver tube swaging services to support customers across a wide range of industries. Our expertise and commitment make us the right team for your next project.



  • BAC 5000
  • BAC 5300
  • BPS4.505
  • DPS 3.808
  • C-1245
  • LA0102-040
  • SHP15-36
  • SHP18-9
  • MDP15-36
  • MMC 204
  • MM 5754
  • STP 51-302


Rotary tube swaging is usually done with tubing or pipe but can also be done on solids. The swaging process on tubing creates linear growth and adds work-hardening to the original material.

Typically, the cold swaging process is used for aluminum, copper, or thin-wall steels. We take a tube or a solid rod and reduce the outside diameter down to a specific measurement. Cold tube swaging is relatively quick, inexpensive, and free of chips.

Dieform can also perform swage in the middle of a tube, away from the edge. The reduced section maintains its strength from wall growth as opposed to the reduction in cross-section during a machining operation. Applications include Aircraft Fuel Systems, Thermocouples, etc.

We build our tooling in-house to accommodate our customers’ needs and requirements. Our team can craft specialty dies to do specific forms such as bullnose, bullet nose, and re-sizing dies. By building to order, we ensure the best results for each project.


Dieform is your partner for easy, cost-effective rotary tube swaging. Our process creates consistent results while ensuring that you have the right parts for any project. Pre-machined heavy wall parts or tubing made from alloy steels, stainless steel, or other materials are heated to the required forging temperature using a furnace or an Induction-heating unit. Once parts reach the required temperature based on the specification of the particular material, they are then swaged down to the desired diameter.

We provide our customers with a drawing that is designed around our existing tooling when available, eliminating tooling costs, and ensuring an easy working process. If you need something outside of our usual parameters, we have the knowledge and equipment to custom-design our work around your specification.


Internal swaging uses mechanical processes to attach ferrules, couplings, and fittings to tubing. We accomplish this by pushing the tubing into the ferrule groves within the fitting. Where performance in high-pressure, high-temperature applications is required, Dieform provides engineered, mechanically attached fittings for critical aerospace applications.


As an experienced swaging company, we know how to deliver value during every step of the process. Some materials, for example, require the inside diameter to have a protective coating, which we can provide if necessary. We work with a wide range of customers, including those in high-pressure fields like aerospace engineering. They trust us to deliver vital components like:

  • Push/Pull Control Rods
  • Elevator Controls Rods
  • Strut Assemblies
  • Helicopter Drag Struts
  • Torque Tubes
  • Landing Gear Pistons
  • Engine Mounts

Our team at Dieform is ready to support your needs while providing results that are cost-effective, and efficient. Get in touch with us today to see how we can support your needs.